Fixing & Scouting

We provide professional film and television production services and fixing including all pre-production logistics, location & talent scouting as well as production support and post facilities.

Permits & Visas

Film permits and visas are required for most international crews operating in Sierra Leone. We can arrange all permissions and visas quickly and remotely ensuring not delays to production. Additional […]

Crew & Gear

We have an excellent network of local and international crew with extensive broadcast experience in Sierra Leone and around the globe. If you need directors, DOPs, field producers, assistants, translators, […]

Drone / UAV

We offer drone / UAV aerial video and photography services and are licensed to operate by the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority.


We can provide on-site interpreters for your shoot as well as timecode accurate transcription from video or audio files. We can translate Krio, Temne, Mende, Limba, and other languages of […]


We have a huge library of footage captured across Sierra Leone available for licensing. Our team is also ready and available to shoot custom footage as needed.